Stan Shelton, DDS and his staff are pleased that you came by for a visit. They know there are many reasons that people need to have a reliable dentist. To have the ability to chew and enjoy food, be free from infection and discomfort, and create and maintain an attractive smile are among a few of these reasons. They believe you will find their web site to be a helpful resource for information to achieve any of these objectives. In addition, Shelton Dental would like to show you how they are using the very finest and most advanced dental equipment and techniques available in modern oral care. They would also like to provide you with a broad education in modern dentistry. Enjoy your time and feel free to contact us.

Our Mission Statement

We have an educational healthcare facility that provides quality, comprehensive dental treatment in a fun, caring, family environment. Each team member commits to dependability, reliability, and responsibility.

Our mission is to develop long lasting, personal relationships which will allow us to achieve the following:

  1. Educate each patient to understand and appreciate the need for good dental health and the relationship between this and general health;
  2. Restore the dentition to a functionally aesthetic, healthy condition;
  3. Show and emphasize the maintenance required to keep teeth for a lifetime.